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Welcome to Kreative Karan blog!

Kreative Karan blog is my own little reserved space in this digital world where I write, express and share my imagination, thoughts, opinions and views. This is my way of expressing and being heard and read.

Why name of the blog is "Kreative Karan"?

  1. I wanted to keep blog name simple which would easily be remembered
  2. 'K' in Kreative represents a famous figure of speech called "Alliteration"
  3. Blogspot did not have CreativeKaran domain

Rhyme-Chimes and Expressions!

You will find two sections in my blog which are completely authored by me viz. Rhyme-Chimes and Expressions. All my posts under Rhyme-Chimes are poems, songs and/or Haiku. While Expressions contain my articles and essays.

There is also one more section in the blog named "Miscellany" which are not my written articles. They are shared because I as a reader (and listener) liked other's creative works. This is my way of endorsing them. I have given credits to them wherever required.

Contact me for all your...

  1. Writing and language homework
  2. Creative Marketing requirements
  3. Ghost Writing requirements
  4. Writing related queries
(Reasonable and Low Price Guaranteed )

Have questions? Reach me at kreativekaran@gmail.com


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Kreative Karan Blogs by Karan Desai is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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