Autobiography of my school

"From Cutie Punks to thunderous youth,
from ABC- to Einstein's books-
from adventures of competitions,
to the word of studies and fun-
from darkness to enlightenment,
the pious place is only the school"!

A place of innocence, enlightenment, fun, punishments, uniforms, masti, education and learning- A place which is immortal in a student's life; A place which molds one's future- is the school; the Vidyalaya.

I am, too, a temple of learning; a child's second home. Since years I am standing here and educating the uneducated. For some, I am apple of eyes; while for some, I am apple of discord. Let me share my ups and downs with you.

I usually prefer white color paint yet I have many colorful colors painted in me. I always wear red head band on which my name in white is highlighted- "Urmi School". I am located in the refreshing location of Sama village where my neighbors are Sama Pond and River Vishwamitri; who used to quarrel every monsoon. Ah! My front view shows the development of endless humanity!

Urmi School,Vadodara

Let me introduce my granny and grandpa. ya, they are still alive-since hundreds of years!!My granny: the beautiful step well always gazes me and sits in front of me. She has very 'deep' nature containing the 'waters' of emotions and stories. My grandpa: The evergreen 'Neem' tree stands still, even today on my play ground. He is surrounded by my concrete hands. He is the school of birds and I am the school of humanity.

Sun rises here daily and sets but before 20 years there was darkness. Yes, darkness of illiteracy. A kind person Mr. Gupta thought of building me which enlightens literacy and eradicate the virtual darkness...And thus here am I completing 20th year today.

When I was born, I had very few 'Arjuns' and few 'Dronas' but now I have many 'Eklavyas' who are dedicated and sincere. When I was one year old, I had few class rooms. I was only one floor in height but now I am '5 floors' in height with many classrooms.

Today my students are performing well in curricular and co-curricular activities. Even today my ex-students miss me, miss their childhood which they spent in me. My students have successfully achieved two Guinness World Book of Records too. Yes, I am happy to see the difference I am able to make in my students' lives.

Largest human Image of torch: World Record by Urmi School

Technically I am a mean of transition of a kid to joyous youth. I am vehicle and students are my passengers while teachers are drivers. The fuel of this vehicle is education. I am not back and belly of my father but I am an institution for more than thousand of students to earn their back and belly self reliantly. Yet, I am sometimes blessed and sometimes cursed.

I have clay and sand and even I have zinc. I have nursery rhymes as well as the encyclopedias. But I want more-my life depends on the students and so I expect more and more students to increase my life. I want to live as much as long as my grandparents are living and want to create an impression on students' history books.

By and by I am developing and I hope more and more uneducated will receive education by me. I am huge canvas for kids to draw out their imagination. I am their innocence as well as aggressiveness. I will serve them-as I am born to serve. I will continue to serve them forever.


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