Sonnet:Laugh Out Loud

A Sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes, in English typically having ten syllables per line. This is the sonnet echoing how the new generation is mad on selfies and have forgotten even to smile while clicking themselves.

Pic courtesy: Cosmopolitan
I am seeing the future, where the babies are born
With default ‘pout’ on their lips not smiles,
Coz, I am observin' current selfie norms,,
With self-clicking selfies, without smiles!

In the urge n desire of gettin' noticed,
The sweetness, cuteness, n innocence are lost,
The valuable ornament call’d smile's seized,
And smile-less pouts and winks,-now, do seem hot!!

Tis the world of sharing n self-exhibition,
Where popularity n fame, are the necessity,
But, ‘likes’ and ‘favs’ are merely numbers,
Which aren’t valuable, then thy smile on lips!!

Laugh out loud, express yourself-that's thy real beauty,
The world may not see it, but true lov’d one’s surely will.


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