Fantastico feast of 5 Haiku! (Part 2)

According to Oxford dictionary, Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Even though haiku being strictly shorter, the depth of message they convey is much larger. In this world, where we all remain in hurry, these short haiku are quick nutritious food for our robotic brain. They surely affect our creative buds. This list contains a fantastico feast of 5 haiku along with their explanation, I prepared specially for those who begin their day searching for fresh thoughts in unique way.

In this post, other 5 Haiku are explained. (To read other 5 Haiku, click here)

“Saw myself quickly
in her magnetically charmed eyes!
She winked, and I smiled!”

This haiku is also metaphorical. Here ‘she’ denotes challenges and mysteries. The haiku’s central idea is this: face challenges. They may test us, but bravely with smile, pass the test and win. People tend to get afraid with problems and calamities. But brave people take it as challenge and overcome it. Determination and perseverance overcome mountains. Challenges are charming and eye contacting them (facing them) is the litmus test of brave.

“Suddenly I woke!
seeing the darkness in room
yawned! and slept again”
Imagine a situation wherein after accomplishing one task with lots of perseverance, a person finally goes to sleep. He wakes up suddenly in midst of sleep. But he yawns and sleeps again He is so tired that he hardly gives attention to the loud noise of construction work going on the next door or the buzzing cell phone, his permanent girlfriend. He sleeps with satisfaction. No distraction is snatching his sleep.

Same should be the case with all of us. After successful accomplishment of our task, we should forget the world and rest, like the man in above case, though having lots of distraction and noise. One should sleep. If in case, your eyes opens in midst of sleep, don’t get back to work…Yawn and sleep again, until you recharge yourself fully. After all we are humans not bats!

“The butterfly is
taught to crawl; the caterpillars are
taught to fly! Paradoxical!”

This haiku slaps the current education system prevailing in major part of the world. The students should decide what they want to study. Children may get good grades but without understanding and practical learning they are same as butterfly and caterpillar mentioned in the haiku. One can be best in whatever he or she is most interested in. We are seeing many successful personas setting examples of the same. From Mr. Abraham Lincoln (with just primary education officially) to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (a college dropout); there are many examples which suggest how the interest and dedicated hard work in a determined direction can surpass the grade books.

“My mark sheet contained
not my skills, nor my achievements
Still, world demands it!!”

Similar to the previous one, this haiku too takes a strong stand against the bookish knowledge sold in major part of the world. The marks or grades decide the suitable university for us to get admit in. Really? Why? Mark sheets are necessary, I understand, but ultimate aim should be to nurture world’s future generation’s talent and not their marks alone. So ask for skills, ask for achievements and ask for genuine screening during admission process also. That Is what this haiku highlights. Education can never perceive skills, it is the inner strength, dedication and knowledge that does so.

“The fish in aquarium
shivered to see it's master's
dish of sea tuna.”

This is the number 1 in my haiku list. In this haiku there are two parts: first, a fish in aquarium suggesting how for ornamental factors and tourism, humans use fishes and second, a dish of sea tuna, depicting the same humans decorating their food plate with same fish. No. this haiku is not only conveying the age old debate of vegetarian v/s non vegetarian but something more than that.

When fish is metaphored with a true human, then its master is his fair weather friend. The fair weather friends would remain loyal until favorable situations and circumstances. They would make you famous, flatter you more, and even encourage you (Like the fish in aquarium). But no sooner did you start lagging behind, they would not mind to eat the same ‘you’ (like the dish of sea tuna). So be aware of such fair weather friends.

So that's all, these were 10 Haiku in all distributed in two blog posts. I hope you enjoyed.

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