Fantastico feast of 5 Haiku! (Part 1)

According to Oxford dictionary, Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Even though haiku being strictly shorter, the depth of message they convey is much larger. In this world, where we all remain in hurry, these short haiku are quick nutritious food for our robotic brain. They surely affect our creative buds. This list contains a fantastico feast of 5 haiku along with their explanation, I prepared specially for those who begin their day searching for fresh thoughts in unique way.

In this post, 5 haiku are explained; next post contains other 5 Haiku.

“Mesmerized I was,
hearing the birds' sweet chirping.
Loud horns hid their voice!”

We may think, simply by reading, that this haiku speak about the same big problem of pollution and about human’s ignorance towards nature. But, it conveys more than that. This haiku is metaphorical in a sense that birds’ chirping symbolizes humanity, peace, wisdom and unity; while the loud horns denote greed, terrorism and wars. There are good, great and best people and things in the world because of whom the world didn’t end in 2012; because of whom, the hope is still alive and because of whom, people still mesmerize! It is somewhat fault of current media, which is echoing the ‘loud horns’ more rather than ‘birds’ chirping’.

It is really strange to observe that how handful of disturbances and nuances hijack the peace of mind, and attention of majority of birds. Optimism, therefore, is an art in current era of opportunism. So, sit back and relax, enjoy the good music, dance, play and love, because these things have more power to change the world for good.

“An ant like sting, then
drop by drop, my fuel of
life, goes to refuel some other's!”

Have we ever thought how wonderfully the God have made our body! How that reddish fluid called blood in us is able to keep us alive and healthy? However lack of blood can even lead to death. According to American Red Cross society, every two seconds someone in the United States alone needs blood and more than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day!! Therefore, it becomes our foremost duty to donate blood and create awareness about it. One donation can save lives of three people!! It is so fascinating to realize that we can actually save someone’s life( and can become a real superhero). The haiku above, describe the process of how the fuel of life, can refuel some other’s. Let us together pledge to donate blood and create awareness. It is the best social service without actually spending any penny. It is the best help one can give to the humanity.

“Religion is to
find lord in every living;
not in dead bodies!”

Is there any logic of killing and offering a living to that lord, who himself (herself), gave each one of us the opportunity to live? Here living includes all: humans, animals and birds. How can lord feel happy to see people killing each other in his (her) name!? Religions exist because we, the humans, exist. It is totally incorrect to justify a murder in name of offering. Everyone has right to live. One cannot seize their right in name of religion, food, scientific experiments and fun!

Take any holy book of any religion. It will preach brotherhood, humanity and non-violence. In the Bible (Psalm 11:5) also, it is very clearly mentioned that the Lord tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.

“The butterflies danced
when I bloomed with sweet fragrance!
when withered, none came!”

In this haiku, flower is speaking its truth of life. When flower blooms to fullest, honey bees, butterflies, humans and insects would roam around it. They would smell it, suck it, pluck it or break it. Humans tend to use a flower as a decorative ornament or as an offering to god. In a nutshell, when flower healthily blooms, all uses it to fullest. But when time comes of flower’s withering, there seems no one. Even the stem which holds it, drops it down on soil in its last days.

Same is the life of blooming honest and successful people. Many selfish people would come and dance around them just to take benefits. But when the same person trips to bad times, hardly any door stays open. Bad times judge the substance in each relation made during good times. Bad times are therefore necessary to filter out those flatterers who have honey in their mouth mixed with poison secretly.

“I was finding joy
I saw myself in mirror
I smiled, it smiled back!”

The simple incident showcased in the haiku is enough to convey the depth of message. None but you yourself is only responsible for your happiness. If you want true happiness, find peace within. Go in sync with inner self. World is the outcome of your inner conscience and belief. So fill yourself with optimism and start your day. When we find joy in ourselves, then we would find good from every smallest of thing in the world.

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