Marathon of 'on campus' in campus!

It's my last semester in Engineering and so companies have started on campus placement sessions in full swing. On year's last day (i.e 31 December, 2015), I faced a recruitment session of my college. It was great. I earned experience and few thoughts which are shared here. Every college student, especially those who have experience of campus drives will empathize with this poem...

So began-
marathon of 'on-campus' in campus,
and with that,
marathon of memories and lessons...

Marathon of abrupt labels of 'pass'-'fail'
Marathon of uneven favors and slays!


the word 'commitment' seems heavy,
and the word 'responsibility' got fragile,
when the bigger gates are opening,
the visions expanding, and intensive strives...

Commitment is the crucial factor of clarity,
but at this stage of confusion,
clarity is irony
metaphorically, the placements too,
which are un-predicatably fiercive...

Marathon- a race of showcasing and branding,
branding our tangible numbers-to work intangibly,
branding the analog, digitally!!

Marathon of 'on campus' in campus...
This is just the beginning...


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As the sun of year's last day is drowning,
I learnt today some contradictory tactics...

can surely be our policy,
but it is not
company's policy..

one has to frame the words,
like advertisements,
to show our eagerness
to join them...

not the best policy,
boasting them,
surely is....


And when today's day was busy in killing calendars,
many thoughts were getting born,
many curious unanswered questions...
Questions which too will be killed as this year...

Questions like,
how a four year journey is decided in a day,
just like three hour exam,
decides one's grades..

How an introvert can survive,
in recruitment process of extroverts,
just like telling fish,
to demo flying like birds...

How the resume's recommendations section
not a corruption of using BIG name,
and how numbers
change the game...??
this is mutual process of greed,
while they want committed employee,
we want a huge salary..

And in this process of mutual greed,
this entire world is developing,
the trade and commerce is building,
the markets are expanding...

Then who said,
selfishness and greed are bad guys,
and then how honesty became a good guy?

This distorted scenery of un-arranged scenes-
A marathon of aspiration and dreams!

Marathon of 'on campus' in campus,
fun, interesting, political and clever,
Everyone's running...
But wait, is the goal clear?


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