Great Things!

A scribble which shows how sudden outcomes of great things create an atmosphere of positivity and upliftment in one's life.

Strange na,

Great things happen unplanned and unprepared,
when one doesn't expect the fruits but just work his best..

Yea, great things...

...Like that Sunday of spontaneous and messy morning,
arranging the story bit by bit...
swiftly; no.. may be abruptly...
leading to a picturesque afternoon...

Yea, great things..

...Like that weird unpredictable side of me,
and the terrific traffic in the scene...
while the red signals at each point were seen,
leading, however, to a 'signature' ending...

great things...

...Like those mixed feelings of wet eyes and smiles,
with surplus dose of encouragements which excites..

Strange na,

While everything systematic and robotic may not make it so worthy
as it is now,
worthy of being remembered and write upon...
and so even the disparity of sequences and events,
may not change the thrills and excitements
and that's the fun side of spontaneity
where unpredictability creates suspense..

While the preparedness tend to make things fake,
the tint of curiosities invade...

Great things...

which are unforgettable,
which are benchmarks,
which are life's new phase and parts!


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