16 lessons of 2015!

2015: Oof, what an inconsistent year were you! Yeah, I mean, how would I imagine that time can be too hard and sharp like the one you were! Time, for me, thankfully was always favorable; but in 2015 suddenly, it reversed itself and put me in test mode.

While 2014 was a tragic year for people around me (downfalls, laziness, hospital visits and what not); you-2015 was a surplus. I had heard the up-down tales and while I always considered myself up and blessed-you realized me that downfall was just near.

When seeing calendars of 2015 replaced by 2016, a new hope is born in my heart. Hope of everything getting fixed; a hope of everything sorting out; a hope of ‘better future’.

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2015, despite your rough nature, I grabbed the chance to extract out many morals and lessons of life from you; out of which sixteen are mentioned here:


Moving on is an attribute of stronger, but there is difference between ‘Move on’ and ‘Running away’.


It is impossible to balance relations; Moreover, those relations which need balancing are not true either.


The toughest job in the world is Saying NO. And the best relaxation is the one which is achieved after saying ‘NO’.


Blue screen of C will earn me more than Blue colored Facebook and Golden colored Blogger.


Thinking about own-self is not selfishness but self-care; those who always serve-repents and depletes earlier!


Everyone like debates, revolts (andolans), discussions; no one wants implementation and solutions.


Heeding to what others think of you, will always make you depressed.


Expressing is good, but speaking out everything you think is foolishness. Audience and platform should be considered before expressing.


If Health is at top of one’s priority list, then wealth (success, certificates, awards, experiences) will surely follow; but vice versa will drag you down to those disastrous health problems from where escaping has less chances.


In the world where at every kilometer, language, people, heroes and society changes; there, the effort of being famous or renowned is worthless.


Introversion is good, but hiding the inabilities and weakness in the hood of introversion is sin.


Unnamed relationships are liberating because names ‘decide’ rules but unnamed ‘make’ rules.


There is a huge difference between ‘infatuation’ and ‘one sided love’. Infatuation comes out of lust and where there is lust, there can not be love.


Nothing is permanent and so dependency on temporary thing or person will give you temporary relaxation.


It is easy in this cruel world to hurt and kill and vandalize; and as it is easy, we see these frequently. What’s tough is to spread joy and affection-only strong can do that.


There is a proverb: ‘To err human, to forgive, divine’; My version: “To crime is devil, to forgive is foolish”-Yes, you can forgive small mistakes and errors; but not crimes.

Thank you 2015 to teach me these lessons.

(I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda; my tales of 2015, which were encapsulated in these lessons I earned and learnt)


  1. Fantastic. Only the great can spread joy and peace... All the lessons are nice.

  2. Inspiring and a beautiful post. Well written :)

    Do read my take on this topic too and share your ideas >> http://bit.ly/1SA3Onv


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