When passions meet reality!

Passions are often misconceived as dreams which one sees for his or her future. But in this journey of life all is not perfectly arranged and sometimes reality defeats passions, diverts interests and even sometimes change the very road of journey. This is the poem scribbling out exactly the same, #thelostpassion, which is re-found or re-discovered suddenly...

Reading my own written literature,
makes me feel alive,
and makes me wonder of how my pen,
was speaking my mind...

But as the years are passing, those thoughts
are meeting the reality,
the real world where seven colors are only seen
after rains and black color-well-
-each night...

Image source: Charles J Danoff (Flickr)

Yes when the reality hijacks the imagination,
and captures those portion of brains,
where creativity used to stay,
what pictures one see-
black and white image!

The realizations of ourselves
are sadly not by our own,
and those who realize us
are not our own

And in the process of realizations
stays the confusions of what's wrong
while trying to put the puzzles correct
and rutting about what's right!

Ignoring the reality though,
mind tries to roam back to those
jungles of imagination
where one was alive
and used to write life!


  1. Such a nice and heartfelt poem! Loved it! Keep writing :)

    Do read my take on this topic too and share your views >> bit.ly/1Pz587p


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