There is a place in Vadodara where only Fridays market opens and functions. Therefore name of this market is Shukravaari. Shukravaari contains poor sellers who sell mostly used things from pin to furniture, from circuit spare parts to mobiles in economical price...The market which opens up only on Friday gets widespread to 2 Kilometers on both side of roads, with heavy outcome of customers as well. Somehow I and my friend bumped into the market to buy few things...And here too, I could not resist but express my experience with poetry...Do bear with me (To know more about Shukravaari market:…/old-is-gold-vete…/385146/)

Do you believe in rebirths...
The birth after death...?
the same pampering after being thrown,
the same attention after years of neglect?

I was skeptical about rebirths-till today,
until I saw rebirths at this place,
things do reborn every Friday,
a new life and twist here is scripted...

Here at shukravaari,
the thrown-aways get a new owner,
with sprinkled eyes of aspiration
and happiness of possession.

A garbage of richer,
here becomes treasure for poor,
a garbage for some,
here, for many, becomes a diwali bonus!

Vadodara Friday Markets
Pic courtesy: Youtube video (Market of Vadodara)

The world after all is a cyclical place
unidirectional is just the life,
and in this unidirectionality
what revolve are needs and strives

These constantly changing 'changing needs',
result in commercial platform like this,
a physical avataar of quikr, olx
a cheaper place of expensive dreams!

Strange na,
the thrower is educated
who knows well about recycling and reuse,
while the sellers here uneducated,
implementing it, without expecting repute

This shukravaar
at shukravaari,
I saw another shade of life
I saw rebirths and innocent smiles..

The definition of treasure
is thus not universal,
when we universalize the issues,
it never comes back to needy roots..

This is the game of trade and commerce,
the declined is re-accepted,
the dumped is decorated,
the broken is again repaired...

While I was into all these thinking,
I realized that statuses change so quickly,
despite that, everyone runs behind it
everyone weighs status with standard of living...

Thank God
there is no Shukravaari yet for feelings
for emotions, for organs, for people!!
Coz the vulnerability can make this happen too,
the inhumanity can sell humanity too!!

Thank god!!


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