The great Indian #Intolerance debate!

Amidst the baseless allegations of intolerance, inspired by attention seekers, fears or melodramatics and catalyzed by our media- the great Indian #intolerance debate is, what we call, at charam-seema, at peak! Though, I will not lecture anyone here on how and why our country is so tolerant because, silly countrymen needs spices in everything. Here I present a small illustration of how in daily lives, tolerance is an integral part of life.

Imagine that you were working hard to meet up your deadline since two days. You had not taken even smaller nap in the course of your work. You were determined to complete your work at the cost of your sleep. Finally after working for almost 48 hours, you finished your deadline. You were happy to accomplish your work. And now what you wanted was a 'sweet sleep'. So without waiting a moment more, you plunged to your bed and went to sleep....

...But wait....As soon as you began snoring, you started hearing: uuu--ooo--Bow-WOW....!!!And your sleep bubble burst. Yes, they were dogs in the streets who were barking. You irritatingly got up, went to your window and tried to shoosh them. But it seemed that the dogs had began a civil road war. Two gangs of dogs-border issues-and continuous firing of growling-roaring barks! With heavy and tired eyes, you helplessly closed your windows tight and stuffed unusual amount of cotton into your ears. But even such sound insulation proved worthless to reduce large decibels of barking dogs. Your sleepless hours extended more and more.

Next day, you woke up late. You cursed the dogs who spoiled your sleep and entire schedule.You were already late for office. You had finished your work by tremendous perseverance, but you couldn't afford to lose credits due to late submissions. Therefore, you hurriedly got ready; prepared and did breakfast,arranged your papers and took your car's keys.

You were late and so you drove little faster. Your hard luck: you bumped to a traffic police. You were punished with 500 rupees fine. You got more late now. You finally reached office. The boss was already angry because you were very late. Somehow you convinced the boss and submitted your hard work. Boss appreciated you for your work, however he, being boss, also issued a formal warning notice and half day salary cut for being late. Yes, today, your entire plain track record of driving and working got labelled with fine and warning notice. And because of whom? Because of those silly barking dogs! You felt more angry on them.

In the evening, with disappointment and irritation of the entire day, you reached back home. For a while you sat outside your door in your lawn's bench. You saw the dogs on the streets. Seeing them you got more angry.

However, you remembered something at once. You unlocked the door, went to the kitchen, took milk can and poured milk into a bowl. You took that milk bowl out and kept it at your gate's corner. Few seconds later, same dogs, with waving tails and hanging tongues in their mouth, came and drunk the milk.

Even after getting late, even after being angry, even after getting salary cut and getting a traffic fine: you feed the same dogs? Why? What for?


This is just one small story out of billions. Indians show huge tolerance in everything. Remember, India has majority of tolerant people and little amount of criminals. The only irony is that our media projects this little proportion so intensely that we all overshadows and sees the evil over wisdom. Be wise and understand that intolerance is the attribute of weaker and India's children are not weak. See the history, India has shown tolerance and acceptance to all invaded dynasties, religions and kingdoms. The secularism is not only on papers, it is in India's DNA and so, if some big mouths, some big news channels and few small random crime incidents make you feel insecure, then I think, you are intolerant and not the country. therefore, everyone has right to speak and express but the platform, stage and audience must also be considered.

Pic courtesy: flickr

I understand that situations faced by Sir A.R Rahman or Shahrukh Khan were unacceptable but isn't it true that it is the same India who stood and stand with them. Take example of Aamir Khan. Even after speaking for 'Intolerance' many trended #IStandWithAmir on Twitter. This is clear sign of tolerance, isn't it?


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