Patient of impatience!

There is a nice Hindi proverb which says: "Sabar Ka Fal Meetha Hota Hai" means "Fruits of Patience are sweet". But today's generation lacks the attribute of patience. For them, patience is synonym of slower. While it is not always so, youth must understand that life is not on the measures of 3G's and 4G's but it is a constant flow of time and wisdom whose essential ingredient is patience. Therefore, even in tough times, rather than getting irritated or pessimistic, one has to be patient. (No pun intended :P ) Enjoy the poem...

In the fast forward world,
we have became the patients of impatience,
and in this sickness of impatience,
diseases overrule our temper!!

While healing do takes time
and time heals everything,
the patience is the needful resource,
but it is really hard to keep!

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How can we expect 'instantaneousity',
in the random yet perfect process of nature,
it's the logarithmic logic of karma,
we, the binary people, can't understand it ever!!

And in this un-understanding,
the pessimism and lethargy comes to stay,
the faith and trust- they decays,
what remains is their byproduct-pain!!

This pain gets multiplied in the minds
creating illusion of how widespread it is,
how helpless are we,
and how intense controller is it!

And when we surrender against it,
the situation worsens,
and if we fight against it,
at least hope stays inside us...

So if we chose to fight
despite the chains of pain ties,
then trust me
we already win half fight

So get up and keep fighting
because when this phase will go
and we know it WILL go,
you will worth your life more...

So, have patience,
and wait
let the nature's events unveil
let the script be played!


  1. Nic explaination of patirnce...

  2. Nimish Narshana (NN)(ias & tcs)14 November 2015 at 19:48

    Very nice and meaningful message....

  3. Patience and confidence are two most important pilars of success..... Very nice karan..

  4. Patience and confidence are two most important pilars of success..... Very nice karan..

  5. Thanks a lot Shivang and Sachin :)


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