Move on!?

This poem discuss the pros and cons of how tough is it to move on. People usually considers moving on-an act of bravery without thinking the possibilities. The poem mentions that "moving on" is not always an act of bravery. Move on, according to Google, has two meanings: "Leave some act" or "Progress"...Which meaning you chose decides your destiny.
Moving on...

Made from: by Kreative Karan

Now I know how easy is it to stick to everything,
to get hold of everything we like,
and when situations seize it or time erases it,
how hard is it to move on in life!

When everyone here are not static,
and moving on is the only choice,
yet static beliefs, opinions and emotions,
everyone accepts in dynamic hype!

The world is itself in motion,
the constellations and galaxies too,
how can same situations stay,
how can we be staying too?

static waters in dams,
store huge potential energy within,
waiting for just an opening,
to kinetically drown everything..

So even staying may have something
to be gloat on,
something which cant be justified
but can be felt on...

Even God too like stillness,
Isn't he incarnating to re-root wisdom,
to re-root virtue and abolish demons...
to re-root, ironically, the static, consistent-dynamism!?

Moving on after bad incidents,
therefore are NOT considered brave choice,
move on if the situation was uncontrollable,
but not when you dropped your voice!

Moving on and accepting defeat are different,
Understand that and stay alive,
coz when you accept defeat, you die,
what remains are your remnants...alive!!

Move on-from your breakups, mess ups,
but not from demons, evils and your own standards,
Move on from ingratiation, move On from past,
Move on from all your useless anchors!

Move on to better from good,
move on to destiny you yourself chose,
move on to wisdom which is in you,
Move on towards your virtue...

Move on! 


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