"Don't judge book by its cover" paradox!

I am usually a firm believer of principle "Don't judge book by its cover". Even I have implemented this principle within me so much, that I have started ignoring my own outlook, dressing sense and even my fitness. Yes, I never bothered to think, of how people think of my looks or my dressing sense or my overall outlook.

This has even helped me to find those friends who actually initialized the conversations without prior assumptions and judgement. I only received those people who curiously tried to explore me more from within and not just from outwardly features.

My life was going smooth...Until...

...Until I faced heavy limitations of following the same principle everywhere. The first reaction was from my own body. It was abruptly shaping. I had gained so much weight that even the clothing brands had to specially be ordered for. I used to get less options for my outfits. I usually had to wear dull and monotonous outfits due to lack of availability. My carefree nature didn't mind that because of this principle.

Don't judge book by its cover paradox
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The second reaction was from social media. When Facebook overtook the persons' dynamic feelings to a tangible static number of likes; I noticed how essential is it to edit the photo so much to get it fit for few likes. A new society with exposure have began exposing and expressing themselves on a new platform called social networking site. I noticed that my outlook was not even fit for likes more than 10 initially until I learnt the tricks and tips to earn likes later.

The third reaction, from society, was more torturous! I was amazed to see that people have so much unwanted Respect to give...Yes, RESPECT! Despite being a young boy, a creative mind and an intellectual, I was usually addressed "UNCLE" due to my inattention towards my own outlook ...Please don't laugh... :P This was an inflection point. I mean just imagine...Being a boy, how can you hear "UNCLE" especially from same-aged good looking and really graceful girls (and even aunties elder than me :3 ) lol...I learnt that society is so much respectful in says (in deeds...hmm may be not =D )!

So here is the paradox between: "Don't judge book by its cover" and "First impression is last impression". How can any boy think to make that beautiful, glamorous and sizzling girl his girlfriend when the girl's first impression of him is "Uncle" or "boring"? 

When I was into all this, one day I saw a bookseller had arranged books and novels to sell on footpath. I am a frequent reader and at once began to checkout for good novels. The footpath was a bookstore of its own kind. It had local as well as international best sellers. It had some geniuses from Shakespeare to Frost. But do you know what I looked for,  first? The book's cover!

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When I realized that I shortlisted the books to buy based on cover, I understood that the paradox is thicker and surprisingly no one even discusses it.

"Don't judge book by its cover" might have its own advantages therefore, but most of the times in practical situations, we tend to use our natural instincts. We make perception based on impressions. The entire world is playing the same game. Some is trying to impress god, some wants to impress their crush, some wants to impress people while some wants to impress their own self.

The world is running in Fast Forward mode. No one has even microseconds to spare. In such situation, people have found an alternative of scanning the things based on certain parameters. And hence the game of impression, appearance and domination came into existence. People needed content, substance without even contributing time to get and enjoy them. The fast forward world is thus opinionated and shifting from "reading books without judging cover" to "opinions and keywords".

The entire market of critics and ratings is boosted because of same. People relies on recommendations of others in every aspect. "How was the movie?" "How is that so and so hotel?" "Is that guy boring?"...

Frankly, it is up to us as to which side to pick. But it is sure that there are huge limitations in sticking to one side for long. It's relative and not at all universal!!


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