Psychology transcendence. #IslamoPhobia v/s #IStandWithAhmed

A 14 yr boy named Ahmed, who lives in Texas, built a digital clock and went to school to show his teacher the next day. His excitement and expectations of getting praised were broken, when teacher called police to arrest Ahmed!!

An aspirant boy got arrested just because he built a clock??YES!

But, was that the real reason??According to me the reason is bigger:

A huge part of Asia is suffering from Terror, internal war states, refugee-ism, and crisis. Major terror groups, including the one involved in 9/11 at World Trade Center (WTC, America), have attires, language and clothing similar to Muslims. Terrorists claim to be Islamic.

The consequences led to a grave and intense #IslamoHatred and #IslamoPhobia in the entire world. Many people started doubting and questioning the genuineness of Muslims in their very nearby neighborhood. And this phobia and hatred, according to me, are justifiable.

After all, this is human psychology by and large. How can you expect to put trust on those who are visually similar to a terrorist in clothing and speaking?But this hatred and phobia sometimes overrules the very logic and maturity of person.

Same happened with Ahmed's teacher. Teacher misinterpreted the clock as a potential bomb. Ahmed, being Muslim, got punished largely not because of Teacher, BUT BECAUSE OF MANY PEOPLE IN HIS OWN FLESH AND ATTIRE who are busy causing unpeace in the world. Frequent videos of beheading of innocents, violence and state of civil wars have shifted the humanity from #AllReligionareOne to #IslamoPhobia and #IslamoHatred.

Innocent Muslims are getting prey due to the stupid terrorists out there somewhere cowardly hidden under arms and ammunition. They don't have religion!! The phobia will only vanish when these terrorists will vanish.

Obviously, what happened with Ahmed was not at all acceptable. But the incident shows how intense this phobia has increased in the minds of people. While America is busy spreading peace in the world, psychologically, the same America is losing hopes; the same nation is at verge of discrimination.

However, it is the same humanity who instantaneously tweeted in support for Ahmed. It is same humanity who despite #IslamoHatred buzzed #IStandWithAhmed. The humanity at large therefore isn't blind and un-sensible. But yeah, it can turn blind and un-sensible if Terrorists continue to flourish in this heavenly world.

And yeah,
#IStandWithAhmed like many others. President Obama, too supported Ahmed and even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg offered a standby.

You’ve probably seen the story about Ahmed, the 14 year old student in Texas who built a clock and was arrested when he...
Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, 16 September 2015

It is time for young Muslims to take the other side of coin instead of taking negativity. Yes, Ahmed felt victim of #IslamoPhobia but SEE, humanity stood with Ahmed. World is expecting from you fresh and young Muslims like Malala and Ahmed. Please stay positive and spread positivity.

You have potential of creating a psychology transcendence from #IslamoPhobia to #IStandWithAhmed


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