I need a "Reset" button!

Sometimes out of extremely intense and unfavorable situation, emerge a wish! A wish of restarting the life...A wish: "May I get this life to live again, better! What if I could reset my life!" And in this wish we even forget that our unidirectional life can never take U turn. The time has gone and this present time shall to pass!!

The constant loop of pains,
surely, certainly have no gains,
But still keeping faith,
I am ready to face...

...Ready to face this punishment.
Punishment of Unknown crime,
to face this hurdle,
I have no choice.

It is me in the midst of this buzz,
amazed and amused and even confused!
The lord has put me in this period,
It is he, who would take me out from here!

But still there is grief,
coz I don't know why only me?
I know this shall too pass,
But it's consequences would last!

This can be my narrow vision,
to big plans of god,
A smaller punishment,
than a bigger flaw!

But here I have responsibilities to incur,
to nurture future and my career,
This should be the phase of nostalgic tears,
not wet eyes due to some stupid hurdles..

This world is amalgamation of opportunities,
the blend of really good chances,
Here, I am trying to be a contributor,
but then, these pain loop is preventing me indeed!

There are plans of god I know,
He is there to fix my sorrows...
Yet in this process of hurting and healing,
I am seriously getting incredibly weary!

Courtesy: freestockphotos


I need a Reset button,
something like factory reset...
...to roll back to whatever I used to be,
to heal myself instead of intense suffering!

A reset button,
which could fix all the problems,
the pains, griefs, confusions which right now I have!

A reset button,
to recover the mistakes,
to balance the emotions, situations,
which currently are in vain!!

This is phase certainly I know,
but the extension of its temporariness,
is constantly steering my soul!!

I need a reset button,
which will reschedule my journey,
which will untangle the tangled,
and unrelate the relative...

A reset button...

A factory Reset!! 


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