I was not born Introvert!

Psychology, mindsets and genes in every individual are fundamentally different than others. And when it comes to categorize humanity in terms of behavior, the broad categorization could be: Extroverts and Introverts.

Introverts have their own unique identity
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Before proceeding,  I recommend readers to go through below embedded TED lecture. The subject of the lecture is: "The power of introverts" and the speaker is Mrs Susan Cain. Mrs Cain is the author of 2012 non fiction book: "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking". She defines introverts very incredibly, not only in her book but also in this TED's lecture.

So now, after watching the video, and having a deeper look to the mindset, needs and behavior of introverts, I think, it's now time for my "revelations" on how this introvert-extrovert spectrum is facing constant traffic towards introversion more than that towards extroversion.

This pic shows that people generally place themselves somewhere between Introvert-Extrovert meter or scale

While there is no harm in being an introvert, there is serious harm in the degrading balance between ratio of Introvert:Extrovert numbers. Yes, what am I observing around is that day by day introverts are increasing drastically. Though I don't have any tangible facts and foundation currently as a proof to support my hypothesis, yet, there are some minute key observations which led me to this conclusion. Be it then increased number of 'outside window gazers' in my college bus (than last year), or increased number of 'song listeners though being in public'. Yes, I have observed an increased amount of silence in a big group of students, and increased number of people walking looking down. All these symptoms, I can deduce as an introvert's because I myself am an introvert.

I even took the survey which is recommended by Mrs Cain, in her book to know what kind of personality I am. The picture below is the screen shot of my results. To view my complete result, click here. Here is the link for the survey: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/

My test result on outofservice.com

Now here is the twist!
I was not born introvert though. I agree, I was shy. But shyness as Mrs Cain defines, is the fear of social judgement and is different than introversion. When I look myself 6-7 years back in my school days, I realize that I was pretty much on 'Ambiversion' and 'extroversion' side of the spectrum. I was a healthy group participant; was winner of several elocution and debates; had carried out several case studies (which is a group activity); had my own set of friends who used to understand me. Also, I was/am over-emotional, less logical, less practical, philosophical and deep thinker for even the smallest aspects of life. Despite this, I can't label myself completely introvert as even the bullies have these hidden within them. Then, how suddenly, I got driven towards introversion side?

What am I trying to explain is that like me, there are many who were not born introverts, but it is since few years, the introvert's number is increasing than extroverts. Isn't it surprising? Why most of the people are loving solitude?

After huge introspection, finally I found the reason; and I think, readers may agree to this.

Who's the villain? "The digital revolution"!

Yes, 6-7 years ago, when I was in school, there was no term like "social networking" and no one knew what "Facebook" was! The sudden flood of other similar sites after Facebook, made a tug of war out of us. People added a new addiction in their life known as "Internet". And even though such sites are really great, their addictions made the big BIG isolation and cut off in the inclusion behavior of people.

In my case, my hobby and passion is creative writing. And I was totally cool when I used to write poems and essays (instead of typing them) in my hobby book and showing my master pieces to only those who I thought deserved to see them. But when Facebook made it lot easier to get a tangible number of 'likes', 'shares' and 'comments', I got conscious and found myself to be in my own self-made limelight!

I and many more of my generations, was not prepared for this type of digital shrinkage, and when this occurred, many of us got involved in socializing online, and not offline! The inventions, up-gradation and innovation in digital devices, like phones and tablets allowed the internet access more easily and efficiently. This added 'oil in fire'! People learnt to 'stay' alone with a digital device. And in this short span of 5-6 years, the humanity evolved from inclusive extroverts to more number of introverts. Moreover, the next generation is more prone to introversion because since their birth, their best friends would be a digital device and not another kiddo! The current selfie norms is the result of the solitude people are nowadays living.

Simple pic resembling Facebook and Twitter
(Kreative Karan- 14/09/2012)

This is human nature after all! Think why humans started to live together as herd, as group, eras before? Because, each group member was interdependent for their needs. Slowly and steadily, as the inventions and modernization made humans more intelligent, they started dispersing, they started to live independently. Currently too, the digital devices and internet has everything that satisfy one's need from songs, to shopping, to Skype family members, to schooling online, everything!! Thank god, there is no invention yet to born babies alone!! Else, this world would have been totally worthless to live. Thank God, there are some more needs that a digital device could not satisfy, like love, trust, and most importantly intimacy. A human will have to meet, collaborate, understand and learn another human for completeness, for tangling, for fighting, for loving! And despite, they can be found out online, they will have to be together offline!!

So conclusion is, introversion is not at all bad. But, the sudden transformations of people like me from extroversion to introversion is. One has to really understand, that digital world is full of opportunities and exposure. So use them for inclusion. Use them inclusively, including others, not alone!


  1. I liked the way you have described the whole idea of being extrovert and why people are moving towards the other side, but this is a whole debatable topic, so one can't really be sure which way is the digital world steering.

    1. Thank you for your time to read the post. Ya, the topic is surely debatable. There are many more factors like economic conditions, interests and beliefs which leads an extrovert to introverts and what I explained here was specifically my case. Truly, digital world is uncertain as of now. :)


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