What to Write?

Sometimes it gets really tough to decide on what to write. It becomes difficult when many thoughts invades the minds, but neither turns into a word!! This dilemma on what to write, well, itself, became a subject for this poem!!

There are so many ongoing issues in the world

which inspires anyone

to write anything,

but I am confused here sitting

besides my PC and thinking,

what to write?

Should I write about those evils overtaking the goodness of world,

about the stories of terrorists and the deadly games played for terror?

about the chemical bombs which exploded somewhere,

about the death polls increasing day by day??

what to write?

Should I write about the increasing technologies,

the victories of humanities?

the frontiers, humans are breaking daily,

the defeated moon and mars’ stories?


should I write about other face of same humanity,

who shamelessly cut trees and grow jungles of concrete and bricks,

who shamelessly release black gold in air,

and increasing global warming endangering everyone including itself?

What to write?

Should I write something controversial to gain fame,

as many do the same to get name,

or should I expose some controversies,

to make my life hell?

Ya the goodness is treated badly in the world,

so it isn’t safe to write good,

But my ethics resist me to write bad either,

so again I am in dilemma of

what to write??

What to write?

About god or about science,

about history or about future,

philosophical or inspirational??

Next time when I’ll come, I’ll be more clear about what to write….


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