O clouds! What were you trying to communicate?

Mother nature’s anger have never spared anyone..Be it then Uttarakhand’s heavy downpour or Mumbai's recent washout. The poem is trying to decode the messages clouds want to provide to humanity...

Suddenly intensifying your army, precipitating heavily,
flashing and buzzing,
O clouds,
what were you communicating?

courtesy: flickr

Were you crying, grieving and wailing 
to see the down gradation of country?
were you raising your voice 
against the discrimination in our country?

What were you trying to communicate o clouds with grayish tint,
by flashing electrons and by bombarding noises with heavy pitch?

Were you trying to raise your voice, here, where raised voices are crushed easily?
Or were you trying to scold and electrify those dead souls of inhuman humanity?

O clouds what were you trying to communicate,
by first blocking sun-rays and then alarming flashing brightness?

Had you came today just to signal another disaster,
to take revenge from this so called Earth’s master?

Or did you come today to show just the trailer of power you and nature possess?
Or is any battle going up in the heaven or down in the hell??

Why suddenly o clouds, you lost your patience and precipitated?
You have recently waterized the (uttarakhand) mountains,
take some rest,
coz this shameless human still have fear of death!

Let that fear of death make the humans humans again
and let the world become united as the hydrogen and oxygen gets!!

(O clouds, these humans surely claim themselves intelligent,
but still they are not fluent to understand your signals!!)


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