Indian Students can progress more if they go to western countries: How far Valid?

Before opening my argument, let me define the exact meaning of PROGRESS or DEVELOPMENT. According to, Progress means the gradual improvement or advancement towards your goals. It is not a synonym of success!
Now, coming to the main question: Can Indian Students progress more if they go to western country? What I strongly feel, is that, Indian education system is advanced and efficient enough to tackle the new trending challenges around the globe! Of course, there are golden chances in foreign but it is not every Indian’s cup of tea!!

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Travelling to any foreign country needs huge money as well as proper eligibility criteria which all Indians don’t possess. Though we feel foreign countries are best lollipops to eat, we must not forget, that every Indian can’t afford it. So, those Indians who can’t afford it, is not progressing?? Does it mean that? NO. Rather many geniuses are invited to foreign countries for sharing their knowledge. India encourages progress of all Indians in a cheaper and convenient way. There are textbooks available in English, in Hindi and even in Gujarati. There is Facebook available in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi also.

Thus, there is no comparison with foreign countries like US and London because they are already developed country and we are in developing one. It is like comparing a young student with huge scientist Einstein!!We are doing best of us. US and London are already grown, and aged cities while India is still a fresher, younger country which is cultivating its system towards improvement at lightning speed! Don’t forget, it is India only who stands first in providing best primary education among all developing countries of Asia!

India has become a recognized center for education today and a large number of students come to India from countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. Indian students excel in subjects such as mathematics where most American students appear to be lacking. The education system in India thus, provides us great, cheap and efficient education and a huge opportunity of progress.

Therefore, in my view, place don’t measure the scale of progress but it is inner strength, hard work and will power which act as a source to develop oneself anywhere, at any cost. And I feel proud saying that our India provides the same will power and confidence to develop.


  1. India will emerge one day (maybe not far in future) as THE leading country in the world in finance, technology, enthusiasm and Patriotism. My prediction.

    A series of catastrophic events around the world will leave India comparatively untouched...BUT when all is said and done--even though the language be English, the leadership will be from babies born today, so cherish their littleness, nurture their talents. Let not the arts suffer, for in them is found truth.

    Remember what this old man is saying, and be prepared for the difficult struggles ahead. Somehow...war will leave India unscathed, except maybe financially. THAT'S when the world will discover that money is NOT everything..HAHA!
    PEACE and LIGHT!

    1. Thanks for your worthy words Mr. Steveroni. Glad to know your thoughts.


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