Cobwebs of Religion!!?

Well, before posting this out. Let me clarify two things:

1. I am NOT a blind follower of any ritual or religion.

2. I do have faith (not blind faith) even in my religion, and respect all other's faith and all other religions.

Please do read full article, before reacting or mis-judging. Thanks.

Sample yoga exercise

Now, since many days I was observing pros and cons going around YOGA....(Don't worry, I will not bore you by speaking out how Yoga is unrelated to any particular religion)

I have some few points to convey, rather want to express:

You know, I am pure vegetarian. But that does NOT mean I stop all non vegetarians to eat what they like to. And even those who eat non veggies are NOT supposed to literally "Stop" eating it to retain my sensitivity.

In similar way, if a particular group of people, (even though in name of religion) wanted to do a specific (yoga) exercise: Surya Namaskar, they should have been allowed to do it! But what I observed that even the Surya Namaskar practitioners agreed to not practice the same just to retain few people's sensitivity!! (That means, people actually stopped eating non veg, just to retain my feelings! Would anyone do that?)

Yes, majority (you can take 'majority' here as merely a number, or as religion, or as humanitarian) in India, are totally conscious to maintain and sustain each other's sentiments, each other's likes and dislikes. But, few pseudo-secular always take the benefit of limelight!!

So what if I didn't like non veg, every non-vegetarian has the right to eat; similarly SO WHAT few people didn't like religion-izing yoga (or Surya Namaskar) people who wanted it to be done should have done it!! Sometimes, the mainstream gets soo conscious to take care of few out of the stream people (and remember these out of the stream people are not MUSLIMS, they are dividers) , that they actually feel guilty on things on which they exist, or their culture exist or their heritage is based!!

Different holy symbols of different religions
courtesy: Wikipedia

In this world, It is strange to know that sensitivity of insensitive people is so fragile that it can even break just by a small action of Namaste, or Khuda Hafis....While the cobwebs of religion and debates around are busy dividing the already divided India, it must be noted that moral squeezed from every religion is unity and peace. But there are people, who in name of same religion create unpeace, havoc, controversies, politics and ultimately terrorism!!

Then what is the solution?
Solution is quite simple. Stop opposing opposite religions and respect everyone's religion. I know there are baseless rituals in all religions be it then, stupid fatvas or illogical wedding with trees!!

We have became the puppets of religion and its practices so much that we actually have broken our strings from almighty!!

I apologize again (of course though I didn't need to, but who knows, I can be put to jail, or riots break out against me :P ) if anyone had found it un-agreeable!


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