Uncertainty of life!!

Life is so uncertain. It is so uncertain that no one can predict what will happen the next coming second. This uncertainty of life is indeed challenging. All humans are designed to walk in dark; the darkness of near future which come to light in present. Yes, humans live to reach destiny, but how to reach destiny without knowing the path, the road! There is so uncertainty in every moment. The moment is enough to change the lives of thousands. The moment! Just a moment!!

Be it then a sudden heart attack, or sudden road accident!! It’s just a game of seconds and life defeats, devil death wins! What is death: Absence of soul or the process of converting a living to non living thing or absence of life? Death is the only truth in this mythical world but still it’s frightening. It is frightening and horrible because it is uncertain. No one knows their expiry dates in advance.

And here I doubt my own very uncertain existence. What’s the pattern of any life? Of course, to live a successful life! For different individuals the parameters of success are different. For some, success means to flourish economically, while for other, success means living a balanced peaceful life with family, work and his own self! Success is not universal. But universal fact is the same: all want success! And in this voyage of success in life, humans live. They plan.

Strange Na? The uncertain living, the uncertain fate, the uncertain future is planned by human.  (Arre, even the very first breath of a child occurs due to planning!) Humans want to see themselves near to their success within near future. They want to see their destiny in this darkness of uncertainty! Wow, what a great irony is this! The skepticism in me is increasing as I am not able to understand the worthiness of an uncertain life. The planning, dreams, bondages and feelings, all vanish when sudden death occurs. Then what’s the point of having life? Many philosophers say that everything is already written, it is we, who just act as per the written script..! Is it? If everything is well written by some author above the sky, then show us the script! Why to act blindly? The script can’t be so heartless and strict!

We are but the vessel of emotions and feelings. We are living humans who get affected by many things emotionally, physically and mentally. It is not possible to let go or forgo things or dodge away the changes happening in surroundings.  

Religion says that materialistic life is sin. The materialistic pleasure is sin. One should attain mental peace and God by leaving all moh mayas!! Is it? Can we? If we can do this, then what’s the point of being a human: the robot of karma, made by God!? As someone has said very true that the real test of human don’t occur on Himalayas leaving societies and relations but real test occurs living in this fickle society and surviving!! And that’s what majority people do. They try to survive themselves, their family and their dreams in this society. They try to survive in this uncertain world.  And it is not wrong, but is it even right? After all, suddenly the nightmare will come to take your soul. Then what’s the point of existence. Everything ends, even days pass, I agree. I do know that even life ends. But I don’t understand that why life ends uncertainly. As I mentioned above, no one knows their expiry dates in advance. Some might think it thrilling and may advice us to live each day as last day, but I argue! Is this unfathomable, haphazard and uni-patterned society allow to live each day fully, committing the execution of your dreams? The entire life goes in survival and not in enjoyment. Darwinism’s survival of fittest supports it!

So here I am with few questions and lots of confusion about my own life and the very existence of the world.

  1. Why are we made to walk in dark, uncertainly?
  2. What is my life’s worth and purpose in this over exploded world of skinners?
  3.  If we are uncertain about our own selves then, how can we be certain about the existence of our creator, god?
  4. Everything is cyclic on earth! Even earth itself rotates and revolves! Water goes to sky as gas and falls as rain! Then why life is unidirectional and not cyclic? (May be the myths of rebirths are true. But the family, the society and the story of one birth changes in other births, so it is not worthy.)
  5. Is it true that god is with us everywhere? God is within every being!? Where is god in kasab? Where is god in those criminals who rapes, loots and kills?
  6.  Even in bad times some miracles happen which makes that human realize that god do exist. But isn’t the same god responsible to put you in tests and through bad times? (for e.g., in film life of pi, when the hero feels helpless and gets ready to lose his life, a miraculous island comes; which according to hero was the gift of god to make him relive. But I ask, wasn’t the same god responsible for his condition?)
  7. Is it wrong to plan for future, despite of uncertainty of next second?
  8. How to enjoy each second of life? What ‘enjoyment’ actually referred to?
  9. How to stabilize our mental peace in worst conditions? How to be optimistic in pessimistic world?
  10.  Are we ourselves responsible for our conditions? Are we creating our future? Or is it the pre written script, we are just enacting in this dramatic world? In short, are we puppets of god or are we independent creatures? If we are puppets of god, and do whatever god want us to do then how rapes, loots and crimes happen? There should not be any evil then.

If anyone has answers which satisfy me then do share…


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