Science: Blessing or Curse?

From small safety pin to the complex discovery of ‘Higgs Boson: The God particle’, every principle is constructed over a strong base called SCIENCE. According to, Science means ‘a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.’ Simply, science means series of approved facts and principles. There is one another word used with science and that is TECHNOLOGY. According to, technology means ‘the application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives.’ Now as you clearly know the meanings of the words science and technology, let me put forward my argument on the topic.

Science is the base for technology. Using scientific principles, technologies are developed and modified as per need. So, science cannot be called villain for all environmental, climatic degradation but it’s actually the technology developed by mankind, which is the culprit of all global issues. You can understand this by the following example: science is an approved recipe and technology is the food prepared from the same recipe. So, recipe can’t be faulty but the food prepared can surely be; it depends on the cook who prepared it. Thus, science should not be misinterpreted by the meaning of technology. In fact, the topic of essay should be’ technology: curse or blessing’ because science specifically can’t be either blessing or curse, but its application i.e. technology decides the real scene of the film.

Science can never say to apply itself in manufacturing of bomb. It depends on the person using science to develop it. So according to me not science really, but the usage of it decides whether it is advantageous or not. If science is used to develop destructive technology, it is curse and if used for innovative and progressive technology, it is blessing. It depends solely on individual or group of individual on how they use science.

It is fact that technologies developed due to science, today have really brought a revolutionary transformation in the lifestyle of mankind. It has reduced both physical and mental burden. New and new technologies are developing based on already developed technology. The secrets of universe are getting revealed. The development of technology is the measure of human intelligence and his innovations to use facts (science) practically. Communication, transportation and up gradation have occurred charismatic ally in past few centuries. The orthodox and baseless theories or faiths have been vanished and each event occurring in universe is seen under scientific spectacles! The new, different way of thinking and broad mindedness is the gift of developing technologies.

Sometimes it happens that innovative and progressive technology may help in real development but side by side it may also damage the environment. For example: Vehicles. Transportation has shrunk the expanded distances not only on Earth but in the universe. Man have reached moon, also found water on it. This is positive progress and it really displays the outstanding perseverance and scientific approach of mankind. This technology of transportation may have side effects like pollution, environmental degradation etc. But this cannot be called curse indeed. The person shouting and yelling about the technologies as a curse is according to me fickle because no one including him can survive without technology. Some criticize the development of vehicular technology as it increases pollution, green house effect etc. but the fact again remain same that not the technology but usage decides the real curse or blessing. Overuse of vehicle spreads pollution and over use of fuel. So basic technologies which have uplifted the society can’t be a curse but its overuse can surely create this technological heaven, a hell.

Every positive shade has negative shade too. Infrastructural development is required in present era. Due to this there are hospitals, fire stations, help centers etc. So, technology contributing in infrastructural development cannot be called a curse. People generally argue that today deforestation, desertification and extinction of wildlife has occurred due to haphazard infrastructural development. Agreed! Today there is no technology which settles the above mentioned problems along with infrastructural development. And so it is haphazard development and not a sustainable one. So its fault of mankind only who forgot about the fellow other living beings of Earth and just developed those technologies which suited their own comfort. So indeed not the technology or science is curse here but the avoidance of mankind towards other living beings is real villain.

Thus, in all the above mentioned arguments, the conclusion is only one. Science and technology can neither be truly a curse nor blessing. But the usage and user are the one who should be differentiated into those two.


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