Place for strict honesty and truth?

After very long Diwali holidays, today my brother's school restarted. After long time, in the cold morning I could see students stuffed school vans and buses. Today, was a special day as My brother who is studying in grade 7 was going to get marks of his 1st semester result! At 12:45 noon when he came back home, he was little happy, little sad!

On asking marks we came to know that he had got very good marks in all the subjects except science and Social Science.  After consoling and cheering him, one line of my bro left me unanswered!!! He told, “During exams even those who had got today highest marks in the class were copying or cheating. Only I was not. Just to get such low marks?"

Friends, today the path of truth, honesty and sincerity is getting lower and lower. WHY? Does it mean that for success not truth but cheating, short-cuts and dishonesty are best tools? The one question of my bro created cyclone in my mind. Today he lagged behind as he stuck to honesty and truth while those who did not were leading!

Leg-pulling, over-competitions in this over-running world is normal. Here definition of success is changed from "inner stability and happiness" to "material stability and status." Today no one gets good fruits for good deeds rather this class of people is made to starve. 


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