Before Reunion!!

Sudden plans of reunion were planned by my classmates and when it got fixed, I went in past to those days...My school days..!!Yes, This is the poem 'Before Reunion' which actually describes my feelings, my increased heartbeats and waves of emotions which I am feeling before reunion...I know each senti person like me feel the same...!!

Before Reunion!

My childhood passed in playgrounds of my school,
and their I experienced many life's lessons too!

I earned many friends who after schools dispersed,
Everyone got busy in their own self work!!

Suddenly there came plans to be heard,
that we the buddies are going to gather!

Ya, my friends had planned a reunion,
to reunite and recall that childhood school's fun!!

To recall the teases and nicknames,
to recall that joy and nerdiest pranks..

To re engage in disengaged world,
to regather in secluded world!!

This reunion I don't know How it would be,
but surely it will be inspiringly nostalgic.

I don't know the tangible benefits of this,
but it is intangibly tangible I guarantee this.

Ya, I agree that the world is shrinked now,
social sites have connected even farthest relatives now..

Even I and my friends stay connected in that sites,
but how can we get the fun to actually have their site?

How good it would be to remeet face to face,
to socialize really not virtually always!!

So let me get ready for a wonderful eve,
a reunion of emotions and refreshing friendship...

Let me inculcate the memories,
after all it's reunion, an exciting meet!!


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