What's the need of proofs?

Those who achieve and win a competition or game will know how delightful and treasury it is to keep and show off the winner's trophy or perhaps a winning certificate. These certificates, medals and trophies are proofs of the adventures we actually won. But, are they really relevant?

In my study room, very proudly
I have decorated my awards and trophies,
to show the visitors and guests what I have achieved,
to boast, to feed my own egoistic wish!!

And why not I do that?
Afterall they are physical witnesses or proofs I have,
which speechlessly conveys what I want to convey my friends!!

No distempers, no animated paint on walls,
the only decorum are these awards!!!

Those shining gold colored trophies,
those entirely round medals with colorful ribbons!!

They are the vehicles which take me to the place called past,
where I wander and have a blast!!

But now, the gold colored trophies are getting dull,
the oxygen is oxidizing them to rust!!

The oxygen which is fuel of my life
is NOW killing my self earned, achieved life!!

But then, I closed my eyes, and went off to past,
I realized that though these proofs are fading, memories still last!!

No one can remove, delete or fade my memories,
they are my encouragers, sometimes boasters, my inspirational tonics!!

Memories are abstract,
they are my permanent emotional back...

So indeed not all times, such proofs are required,
I got those proofs as an earning,
and earning may get over after a leap,

But stays what is the product I got over this earning,


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