Small steps

There are lots of small steps we as human can take to bring BIG change in the world's degrading environment...At least we can try...Small steps of one may not bring much difference but if the entire humanity unitedly take these small steps, there can be a revolution!!

There's lot to do, and lot to say,
there's lot to learn and lot to play,
but these entire lots of lot, can i overtake?

There is so much to inculcate, to get amuse, and amaze,
there is so much here to intake and so much to praise!!

The molecules of water, the photons which heat us,
the moist humidity and wind that rejoice us!!

Its nature to be nurtured, rather nurturing our greed,
there's lot to do to recover, but start from smaller steps indeed!!

Don't get addicted and overuse facebook,
don't waste paper in your rough books!!

Do the needful charge of mobile batteries,
Open curtains and windows once, and off your ACs!!

Don't ignite the smoky incense sticks or candles, to pray the God,
Ignite your hearts to win your god!

make those flowering plants, fruity trees your pets,
Release the birds and dogs from your traps!!

Feed the soil with nourishment and not concrete,
Water your backyard plants on sundays at least!

These are some small steps all can take,
Its time to get aware and awake!!

Brainstorm your brains, and ask yourself,
can't you follow even these simple steps??


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